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Our Academics

Hope Hybrid Academy seeks to partner with homeschooling parents to lay a solid 

educational foundation based on a biblical worldview. This will provide the tools students need to

become independent and delight-directed learners, who seek opportunities to build their God-given gifts and abilities to use for His glory. This is accomplished through the use of engaging lessons in the classroom community, utilizing a multi-faceted approach that will appeal to all learning styles, and providing a framework for individualized instruction by parents on home days. 


Building on a solid phonics foundation, our students become strong readers enabling them to learn and grow independently.


Our students and their families will

have the opportunity to see God’s

hand at work in creation through the experiential study of botany.


Thoughts and imagination come alive as students learn skills necessary for written communication, with opportunities to share their writing in various formats.


From initial understanding of their individual place in their families and communities, students will broaden their learning to include God’s history from Creation to modern times.


Through manipulative-based,

hands-on curriculum, students will see the link between math concepts and real-world application.


Students will be up and moving

to remember key people, places

and events in Scripture and will see

how the Bible tells the story of God’s great love for His people.

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